ChineseTranslation of Juggling with a Twist. Alternative way of Dance and Juggling ! with Glowstick or Fire Twisters to Dance Music as an Art.  Liiquid Rave Dance, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, Staff Twirling, Photos, Videos,Glowstick Liquid dance
Traduction française de la jonglerie avec un Twis. Une manière alternative de danse et de la jonglerie! avec Glowstick ou feu Twisters pour danser la musique comme art. Danse d'éloge de Liiquid, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, personnel tournoyant, photos, Videos, danse liquide de Glowstick
Deutsche Übersetzung des Jonglierens mit einem Twis. Eine alternative Weise des Tanzes und des Jonglierens! mit Glowstick oder Feuer Twisters, zum von von Musik als kunst zu tanzen. Liiquid Rave-Tanz, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, Twirling Personal, Fotos, Videos, Glowstick flüssiger Tanz
Traduzione di Italion di manipolazione con un Twis. Un senso alternativo il ballo e manipolare! con Glowstick o fuoco Twisters per ballare musica come arte. Ballo di rave di Liiquid, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, personale che twirling, foto, Videos, ballo liquido di Glowstick
Traducción de Italion de hacer juegos malabares con un Twis. ¡Una manera alternativa de la danza y de hacer juegos malabares! con Glowstick o el fuego Twisters para bailar música como arte. Danza del delirio de Liiquid, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, personal que gira, fotos, Videos, danza líquida de Glows
Tradução portuguese de juggling com um Twis. Uma maneira alternativa da dança e de juggling! com Glowstick ou fogo Twisters para dançar a música como uma arte. Dança do rave de Liiquid, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, equipe de funcionários que twirling, fotos, Videos, dança líquida de Glowstick
JapaneseTranslation of Juggling with a Twist Alternative way of Dance and Juggling ! with Glowstick or Fire Twisters to Dance Music as an Art.  Liiquid Rave Dance, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, Staff Twirling, Photos, Videos,Glowstick Liquid dance
Korean Translation of Juggling with a Twist Alternative way of Dance and Juggling ! with Glowstick or Fire Twisters to Dance Music as an Art.  Liiquid Rave Dance, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, Staff Twirling, Photos, Videos,Glowstick Liquid dance

Fire & Circus Arts

Hybrid is presently comprised of seven fire dancers who teach there techniques to future performers. There site shows you what they are about and displays some of there many talents.

Extensive site includes juggling help, jugglers’ home pages, picture gallery, mall listings of festivals, club meetings and organisations.

Occtection are a performance group of 6 fire artist from Austria /

Vienna with an assortment of fire artists. Staff, Poi, Diablo,

Devilsticks, they also have there own Acid-Tekno DJ. Nice Site

with good photo display.

P.I.P Are a group of people from Sheffield U.K who meet once a

month in a Sheffield park, if you are into fire not just Poi go along to

join in or just watch.

This club is here for anyone who performs with fire - fire eaters,

breathers, twirlers - anyone who gets a kick out of playing with fire on stage or in performance!!!

Michael is a Poi instructor Based in London who teaches

beginners to Intermediate level, with a book Bursting with over

450 tips, tricks and moves.

Looking for some poi in the U.K check out Dez and Donnas site @ fire poi comet poi and poi spares for sale. Poi

performers, poi history, poi workshops. Chat room and forum.

Pyromancer is a Professional Fire Performer with highly Rhythmical Fire Dancing and breathing. Have a look at his web site and get a little closer.

Fire poi at the castle, pictures, movie, links, how to make

diffrent colours of fire.

SiFi is a leading Australian Fire Artist. Has been a core member

of Neil Cameron Productions, Firemaster of the Woodford Festival  fire event, Artistic & technical innovator in fire drawing, pyrotechnic puppetry, spontaneous event making utilizing the element of fire,  And community events.

Texas' Largest Community of Fire Performers with an extensive members list of very Talented fire performers.

Stiltskin are a visual arts and performance company based in the Southwest of England. They combine skills from circus and physical theatre creating spectacular, vibrant characters.


Peters web site is dedicated to the art of "pen spinning" Pen spinning is a form of contact juggling that uses a small object, like a pen or a pencil, to perform different tricks.


Joe is a young and up coming unicyclist from Whiltey Bay, Tyne + Wear, England.


These go to various Juggling and circus Data Bases which between them and the other web site’s on this and there pages should just about cover any kind of query about, Juggling, Poi, Glowstick’s, and all Circus Arts. Whatever art you decide to take up above all else do it For the joy of it.

Suzanne’s personnel web page tell’s you about about her

experiences with Poi & Fire. Includes pictures and video’s.

Get your 100% pure Paraffin / Kerosene from the Hot Stuff UK

this fuel (Safex pyrofluid FS) is counted the best for Fire

performers. (Professional Fire Performers ONLY)

Nemo and his friends meet in Civic, Canberra every Friday

evening, at the chesspit. for a few hours (starting sometime after

dark), twirling firesticks, chains, swords, breathing fire and so on ...

Headfunk Pyro Circus is a group of professional fire / Led

performers from the North east of London in the U.K Check out

there site for their next performance or for details of how to hire

them for your party.

Mick from Holland who’s site is about his travels to Australia

England and New Zealand and how he learnt Fire Twirling on

his Travels. excellent Fire photos.

This site is about the Normal Family Circus, who they are what

they do and what they are about. pictures. tons of info usefully to

the small circus enthusiast. juggle balls and costumes for sale.

Peter has a very informative site about all circus art’s this site also

supports the efforts of the Newsgroups alt.circus.arts this

Newsgroups is an excellent resource to inform circus enthusiasts


Forum for fire and black light performer’s in Austria with an

artist list, and events “Forum in German”.

Eric’s site has a good reference page about the dangers of fuels. If

you intend to use fire in anyway this is a necessary read.

Fire Twirl - an online community for free web hosting for

any one into performing industry, we also have photos, links,

forums, how- to's and more.

Peters Instruction’s for one and two Diablo manipulation.

Animation's as well as text are used for trick explanations. Tricks are added on a regular basis. Excellent resource for Diablo moves, fro beginners to advanced.

Clown World entertainment and promotions has entertained

thousands @ Parties, corporate events and festivals with his  

Juggler, Clown, Magic, Fire juggling, Street performance Arts

from Pretoria South-Africa.

Balls-U-Like is a friendly business from North Yorkshire UK which

helps customers enjoy their hobby, by supplying quality juggling

equipment on-line.

Are you a Juggling artist or performer who uses Glowsticks, Glowstick Liquid Rave Dance, Twisters, Nunchaku, Poi, Spinning, Staff, Twirling, or Fire, and uses Dance Music with their Art and would like a link or a disabled artist who has an art or entertainment site that  has Tips, Videos, Photos and would like a link. Click on Add your Link.

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